Disability Insurance

You’ve made a significant investment of time, energy and money into building a demanding career with the promise of a high income and all of the rewards your profession provides.

Residents & Fellows

Owning a disability insurance policy is the most logical way for a medical resident or fellow to protect his/her future earnings and quality of life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is more than planning for the security of one’s loved ones. Its unique properties can provide the needed solution in many difficult financial situations.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Retirement

It would be understandable if some people’s definition of the American Dream included early retirement. Perhaps certain American dreamers look to move to a warm locale, near their families, or near a great golf course to experience the glory of an extended retirement. Early retirement isn’t possible for all workers, but for those who have […]

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Time to Debunk These Persistent Disability Insurance Myths

When you think of disability insurance, do you think about insurance that covers disability due to a relatively severe accident? Many people do. What about the chance of a disability happening to you? You are a careful person and you have a desk job. No need for disability insurance, right? Well, the preceding scenarios make […]

Guardian / Berkshire Announcement

May 5, 2016 Guardian/Berkshire is revamping their Disability product Portfolio. Provider Plus and Provider Plus Limited will both be replaced with Provider Choice. Certain medical specialty occupations will be reclassified and be subject to rate changes. Stay tuned for more details.


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