Disability Insurance

You’ve made a significant investment of time, energy and money into building a demanding career with the promise of a high income and all of the rewards your profession provides.

Residents & Fellows

Owning a disability insurance policy is the most logical way for a medical resident or fellow to protect his/her future earnings and quality of life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is more than planning for the security of one’s loved ones. Its unique properties can provide the needed solution in many difficult financial situations.

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Key Tips for Resident Physicians when Buying Disability Insurance

“What happens to your income if you get hurt or become too sick to work?” It’s one of the first questions that we ask medical residents and new physicians. For some people that answer is usually “I don’t know” followed by “I think my employer has something,” or “my spouse will have to work.” The […]

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Guardian Announcement Higher Limits & More

Guardian is one of the many carriers that we use for Disability Insurance. They have recently made some significant changes to  their issue limits.

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How to lower your odds of becoming disabled

An ounce of prevention, the old saying goes, is worth a pound of cure. That’s certainly true about disability. You can immediately reduce your odds of becoming disabled by making a few commonsense improvements in the way you live. Embrace a healthy lifestyle Oh, you’ve heard this one before? It’s still true. Shedding bad habits […]


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