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Guardian Announcement Higher Limits & More

Guardian is one of the many carriers that we use for Disability Insurance. They have recently made some significant changes to  their issue limits.

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How to lower your odds of becoming disabled

An ounce of prevention, the old saying goes, is worth a pound of cure. That’s certainly true about disability. You can immediately reduce your odds of becoming disabled by making a few commonsense improvements in the way you live. Embrace a healthy lifestyle Oh, you’ve heard this one before? It’s still true. Shedding bad habits […]

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Your Disability Security Plan

You hope it never happens, of course. But ignoring the possibility is hardly the answer. Does preparing for disability seem overwhelming? It’s not. The Council for Disability Awareness has created a simple, five step Financial Security Plan to give you a clearer understanding of your financial “big picture,” including: Your sources of income, monthly expenses […]


Accident An event that is unforeseen, unexpected and unintended. Accident Bodily Injury Physical injury sustained as the result of an accident. Accident Disability Either a total or partial disability resulting from an accidental injury. Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Benefit An optional benefit that provides a fixed lump sum for accidental death or for certain […]

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Principal Disability Changes

The following changes are effective Monday, February 6, 2017: These Changes will not affect any existing policies inforce. Several occupations are re-classified for all disability products: 5A: Pharmacists 4A-M: Nurse Practitioners 3A-M: Dentists and dental specialties OB/GYNs Surgeons (general, plastic and orthopedic) Pain management physicians CRNAs All 3A-M occupations now qualify for the Regular Occupation […]

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Disability Insurance for the Self-Employed

As we have pointed out numerous times at Council for Disability Awareness, your ability to earn income is your most valuable asset. We tend to insure our property, but overlook the source that makes it possible to maintain our lifestyle—the ability to earn income. But what about disability insurance for the self-employed? Could it be […]

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Long-term Disability Insurance or Long Term Care Insurance: Which is Best for You?

It’s easy to confuse long-term disability insurance with long-term care insurance. But who can blame you? These types of insurance sound much like synonyms or the work of a practical joker with a PhD in linguistics. Nonetheless, these two insurance plans serve very different purposes in helping you manage financial risks.  Long-term Disability Insurance  Long-term […]

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Potential Tax Deductions for Empty Nesters

Wow. It’s awfully quiet around here. We did it honey—they have left the house and have solid futures. And that breeze coming in the window right now. You don’t think that breeze is all our tax deductions flying out the window do you? Maybe we need to investigate potential tax deductions.   Yes. Your children […]

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Unexpected Retirement Expenses

Many retirement expenses are straightforward, especially when you work with an advisor who helps guide you, or if you make it your business or hobby to study finances and retirement. One example of straightforward retirement expenses: On average, retirees can expect housing to represent about one-third of retirement expenses; health care, 10 to 15 percent; […]

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What are Disability Insurance Riders and Which Are Most Common?

Just like cars have a standard model, disability insurance has a base policy. Just like cars have options that can be added to the standard model, so does disability insurance. Optional “add-ons” to the base policy of disability insurance are called disability insurance riders. Riders allow consumers to individualize—to add optional features—to their base policy, […]

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